There are 3 main reason why homeowners in Florida have their dryer vents cleaned out either annually, or every other year.

  1. Reduce the risk of a fire starting in your dryer.

            The first, and largest reason is to prevent dryer fires from happening. Imagine something dry and flammable like a cotton ball, kindling, and even lint from your clothes. How fast would it ignite into flames if you held a flame just centimeters from that lint or cotton ball? This is the same thing that happens with your dryer. Lint from your clothes gets past the filter (that every homeowner should be cleaning every single load) and due to the moisture in Florida gets stuck to the sides of your dryer, and dryer vents. Then you run a load of laundry and that lint is having 200-degree air blowing past it for almost an hour… do you think there’s a chance it can catch fire? This is why we recommend having your dryer vent cleaned annually!

Dirty Lint Filter
Clean Lint Filter

2. Increase efficiency & productivity of dryer.

            The second reason a homeowner would clean their dryer vent is due to prolonged drying times. Hold up your hand in front of your face, then put your pointer finger and thumb into the shape of an “O”. Now, make that circle a little smaller… and now a little smaller… and even a bit smaller than that. This is what happens when you run your dryer. The lint from your clothes builds up with every cycle you run, and eventually the hole that air can flow through is so small, the dryer as to work much harder to get the air out, thus the longer drying times. This brings us to the last reason why homeowners should get their dryer vents cleaned!

Dirty dryer vent
Clean dryer vent

3. Increase the lifespan of your appliances!

            It will prolong the lifespan of your dryer! Imagine an athlete that runs for a living. Maybe it’s an ultra-marathon runner, or maybe even a sprinter. What if they trained as hard as they possibly could every workout they did (your dryer working super hard to get clothes dry every load you run), worked overtime during the holidays (your dryer running more over the holidays because you have family in town), and only took off 1 day per week (families out there who have 2,3, or 4 kids who basically run the dryer every day)? This is what you’re doing to your dryer if you are not routinely cleaning the vent!

            Remember, $150 per year is the cheapest insurance you can buy! Plus, your wife (or husband) won’t be in a sour mood because the clothes won’t dry!

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